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The Sligo Masters & Open Water Swim Club (SMSC) was established in 2017 by a group of like minded individuals who enjoy all aspects of swimming, from the rugged waterscapes of the open water to the charged atmosphere of competition. 

We have members who enjoy it all, from fitness and social enthusiast to high level competitors, Sligo Masters Swim club caters for everyone. SMSC now boasts over 50 members.

We are particularly lucky to live in a region with such an abundance of natural amenities on our doorstep. Pools, ocean, rivers, lakes, bays, we have it all. Set in breathtaking landscapes and a veritable plethora of changing conditions, our club members gain valuable experience in the elements and quickly become strong, confident swimmers, no matter what the conditions or situations. 

We facilitate regular pool and open water swim sessions as well as support to many local swims throughout the year. Club members travel far and wide to compete in different competitions and SMSC always gives a good representation.

Our philosophy is 'Have Fun', and thats it.

Our Philosophy

Have fun.. thats it.

Our History

We are a new club established in 2017. Although the club may be new, Sligo has a proud, rich history of swimming going far back into mythology and the legends of Queen Meave..

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